\\ Your person

First for insuring YOU!

We all think about insuring our property, house, car etc, but what about you? We offer a wide range of products to insure you and your family, as well as your income. Do you know what you are entitled to if you are injured and unable to work? Have you thought about how you would need to adapt if you or one of your family had a serious injury? Ask us about our range of life insurance and revenue protection insurance to make sure that you and your family are protected.

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\\ Health Insurance

Are you new to the French healthcare system ?

Signing up for a mutuelle can appear quite daunting. We are here to explain how the system works, so that you understand how your mutuelle works alongside and complements your carte vitale, to explain how to interpret a quote, so that you can better understand the type of cover which you may require.

Is your family pet insured to help with the costs of vet’s bills?

We can also give you some different cover options for your four legged family members!

\\ Legal issues

Legal protection cover

Whether you are just getting settled in France or have been established here some time, legal issues within your private life can arise at any time, whether a problem with the purchase of a property or car, or a boundary dispute with a neighbour, from a problem with something purchased online, to an issue with a garage, or perhaps a disagreement with your employer. Our legal protection cover offers you support and advice on all these issues which happen in day to day life. Although the goal is always to support you in finding an amicable solution, you will always speak with a legal professional, and are covered for a lawyer to deal with the case on your behalf.