Can I insure my UK plated car??

12 May, 2021

We have a lot of people come to us asking if they can insure their UK cars, and the answer is yes...and no!!

In order for us to insure your UK plated vehicle, it needs to be in the process of, or about to be starting the process of being imported to France. This process can take a bit of time, so we recommend you get all of the documentation together before looking to swap from your UK insurance policy. We cannot insure a vehicle on UK plates unless it is moving to French registration.

Once you are at that stage, we can put your UK plated car on a cover note for 4 weeks whilst the import is being processed. Once that cover note expires, we will need to have received your car's French registration to continue the policy.

To do this we will need a few documents from you, so it's worth also gathering these when you contact us!

- a copy of the v5 for the vehicle

- proof of your no claims bonus in the UK (or France if you already have a car insured over here)

- proof of your insurance history for the last 36 months (showing if you have had a policy(s) in place for the last 36 months and if so for how many)

- a picture front and back of your driving license

- a picture of your French national identity card (if you have one)

With these documents and a few more details about you, we can get you all set up with a French policy, and talk you through the cover in English.

If you need help with importing your UK vehicle we can recommend a couple of professionals to help you:

Vivienne Falkiner vivienne@frenchadminsupport.com https://frenchadminsupport.com/

Rebecca Skabar rebecca@alpadmin.com http://www.alpadmin.com/

We look forward to hearing from you, please get in touch with any questions!